Over the past decade, I have been a part of many trips organized by Royce both locally and afar. Each and every time Royce has created a well-run adventure that provides the participants with a safe, appropriate, epic and unique experience.  From canoeing the Milk River into the United States, snowshoeing in the mountains, sailing lakes locally, rafting the Yukons's Tatshenshini River into Alaska, to camping trips and day trips, Royce has contributed to our families library of experiences. 

I have watched him organize children's adventures on the Bow river and adult adventures with British Military. Royce adapts well to a very diverse list of clientele. 

One of the things I have come to appreciate about Royce is his dedication to safety and risk management. He is willing to and has called off trips due to adverse conditions or weather. He has done this in the face of pressure to "do it anyways". Royce has pursued certification a dozen times over in the time I have known him.  His outgoing, personable and enthusiastic approach to people and the world around him, make him a sought after guide and trip leader. I look forward to more adventures in the future with him.

Evan Cappon

Last fall my daughter and I went on a 2 day canoe trip with Royce, and I have to say my expectations were well exceeded! Royce is so knowledgeable and prepared with everything on the trip from start to finish and was constantly giving us fascinating tips on animals, bugs and nature. His skill on the river left all us newbies feeling confident that he knew what he was doing and he was leading us on a safe journey. Royce planned the trip so we had ample time to stop and really enjoy what we were doing and explained everything so well. We have so many amazing memories from that trip and I look forward to many more trips with Royce. 

Joel Anderson

I’m not an outdoors person.  But my son really wanted to attend a canoe trip organized by Royce Williams.  Royce’s tips on preparation and expert guidance on the water made for an unforgettable father/son weekend.  I highly recommend this trip even if you’re far more comfortable in the City like me.  Can’t say enough good things about what a great experience this was.


Noah and I had a great time on our canoe trip last fall. We enjoyed your extensive knowledge of the river/region and wildlife and I appreciated the way you interacted with the kids. You manage to teach them without them realizing that they are learning, and kept things fun and relevant. The pace of the trip was tailored to the kids, which also helped out any parents who didn't have experience either camping or on the water! This trip was an incredible time to unplug and reconnect with my son. Sitting in a boat with only nature to distract us allowed for deeper conversations than we have had in a long time, and spending this time allowed me to appreciate the big kid that my little kid is becoming. We would highly recommend this experience to other families.

Matt Verity

Last year my family and I participated in the Canoe Trip organized by Mr. Williams. We had never done this before and were a bit nervous. Mr. Williams put us at ease with his knowledge and organizational skills. We had a great time bonding and camping. It’s great for dads and moms and you learn so much. This is a great adventure for all skill levels and great team work. We will definitely be doing it again!!!

Gurinder Bains